Stephanie Derringer- 7th Grade

Stephanie Derringer- 7th Grade

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Experience: 23 Years

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7th Grade Homeroom- Science / ELA

6th Grade and 8th Grade ELA


Hello! I have been having a great summer with the family and thinking of things that I can do this year for my classes. 

I have 17 years experience at WPCS and have 4 years of subbing in different schools.
I attended Ashland University. 
My greatest stength as a teacher I feel is being able to communicate with the students to help them feel comfortable with what they are learning. 
My favorite school subject is Language Arts, but I have come to enjoy them all especially Social Studies after visiting the Marnier Museum and learning so much more about the history. Wow it was amazing!
The one thing I enjoy about working at WPCS is being part of a family where everyone is always willing to help.
My favorite hobby to outside of school is reading a good book( when I have time) I also enjoy watching my boys play baseball and football. 
The one thing about my family is that my 10 year old son Jake's baseball team won the county,  regional and state championship this summer . And it was one of the best experiences I have had with my family. What a blast!
One goal I have for this year is to have a better classroom management system and make sure my children not only learn what they need to but also make it fun for them to while learning as well.

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